VGR Building Company offers a complete range of services from design of industrial buildings to obtaining a certificate of use.

We pride ourselves on the superior quality and precision with which we assemble our metal constructions.

Our long experience and professional skills guarantee high-quality products at reasonable prices within strictly observed deadlines.

Plovdiv Free Zone Inc.

Unheated warehouse in RLE II-504.1200 for servicing and warehousing activity, square 10 according to the plan of the North industrial zone - part IV, Plovdiv

  • Maincontractor: “BIBOV & Co” LTD, Plovdiv
  • Undercontractor: VGR Ltd, Plovdiv
  • Delivery and installation of metal construction.

Biomashin JSC


  • Maincontractor: “Efect build” LTD, Plovdiv
  • Undercontractor: VGR Ltd, Plovdiv
  • Delivery and installation of metal construction.

Bulgar Luk Ltd

New warehouse, stage initial cycle metal frame.

  • Investor: Bulgar Luk Ltd
  • Main contractor: VGR Ltd, Plovdiv
  • Food processing facility and warehouse – 2, 000 m2, stage 1 and stage 2, in the village of Katunitsa, Sadovo Municipality, Plovdiv Region

KCM 2000 AD

New lead processing plant, KCM 2000 AD, Plovdiv

  • Investor: KCM 2000 AD, Plovdiv
  • Major contractor: MetalStroy JSC, Plovdiv
  • Project: New lead processing plant
  • Subcontractor: VGR Ltd, Plovdiv

B5 Petrol Station

Trakia Motorway, at km 88+100 at the village of Gelemenovo, Pazardzhik Municipality
Investor: B5 Ltd

  • Investor: B5 Ltd
  • Main contractor: MetalStroy JSC, Plovdiv
  • Project: Roadside service station with a fast-food restaurant, car park and MOT testing station
  • Subcontractor: VGR Ltd, Plovdiv

Factory for Cleaning and Processing Agricultural Produce, Doulovo

  • Main contractor: VGR Ltd, Plovdiv
  • Project: Factory for Cleaning and Processing Agricultural Produce

Metal Construction Factory

Metal construction factory – Section A, Rakovski Municipality, Plovdiv Region
  • Project: Metal construction factory
  • Contractor: VGR Ltd, Plovdiv

Opticom Ltd

Warehouses and offices of Opticom, Stara Zagora

  • Investor: Opticom Ltd, Stara Zagora
  • Main contractor:  Dan 92, Sliven
  • Project: Warehouses and offices of Opticom
  • Subcontractor: VGR Ltd, Plovdiv