Roof & Wall Panel Systems

VGR Ltd offers a complete range of roofs and walls with interesting and stylish designs.

The company uses certified thermal insulation panels manufactured in Bulgaria, Greece, Italy and Austria. The panels are of a high quality and technical specifications.

The wide range of thicknesses and colours of the metal sheeting are suitable for a wide variety of projects. 

The assembly components have a high level of tensile strength and a certificate which guarantees the quality of all types of walls and roofs.



                                                Roof Panel Systems


  • For single-sloped and double-sloped roofs with a pitch of minimum of 7%, we use polyurethane or rock wool panels in accordance with the type and purpose of the building. In accordance with the distances between the purlins, roof panels of three, four or five ridges are offered.




  • Transparent roof panels
  •  This is a good choice for natural lighting when using thermal panels on the roof. Transparent roof panels have ridges matching the ridges of the panels. Such a roof allows a large amount of light to penetrate, protects against ultraviolet rays, unfavourable whether conditions, provides a high degree of noise insulation, and last but not least is a good investment.



  • Flat roofs (2-3% pitch) requires a layered construction which includes:
  • high-profile metal sheeting of various thicknesses and pitch height in accordance with the distances between purlins
  • steam/vapour insulation (polyethylene)
  • rockwool (slabs) of various thicknesses in accordance with heat coefficient requirements
  • geotextile
  • hydroinsulation (bitumen or PVC membrane)

                                                Wall Panel Systems


  • Thermal insulation panels for walling can be made of polyurethane foam or rockwool in accordance with the class and fire safety requirements of the building. We offer a variety of colours and patterns of  wall panels which will make the building unique.

      We offer two type of panels according to the method of attaching them to the metal skeleton:

  •  Open mounting panels (the assembly components are visible)


  • Open mounting panels (the assembly components are hidden)


  • Layered mounting panels

The layered mounting panels involve mounting of wall carriages, rockwool insulation and a top layer of metal sheeting. The carriages are part of the bearing walls. They are profiled steel sheets which are mounted on the building construction. Then the rockwool laid down for insulation and finally it is covered with metal sheeting. This method provides excellent sound and heat insulation and can be applied directly to pillars (metal or concrete) which are up to 12 m apart.  This type of construction answers all fire safety requirements.